The Long Fall Up and Other Stories
by William Ledbetter

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From bestselling Nebula-Award winning William Ledbetter comes a groundbreaking collection of science fiction short stories that will bend your heart like a black hole. From AI to robot medics to life on Mars, Ledbetter takes real tech, blends it with hard science fact, and invents futures full of fantastic fiction. Includes 17 previously published stories and one original story.

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ASIN ‏      : ‎ B0CBL9XH2H
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1953736262
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1953736260



"William Ledbetter’s stories exists at the crossroads between hard and soft: they’re full of hard space, hard choices, and hard lives, but also the soft hearts of the people who work there, make them, and live them. Bill can do more in two pages than some authors do in twenty; he’ll make you love a sweater, fear for a ship, and more. So whatever your preference, hard or soft: if Bill Ledbetter has written a story, you want to read it. Simple as that." —Trevor Quachri, Editor of Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine

“In one thousand words, William Ledbetter managed to completely captivate me with his story, ‘What I Am.’ Science fiction tales of this length rarely work for me. It’s so hard to compress solid science, plotting, and characterization into so few words. In this case, however, I was completely captivated by Oscar and his companion. The science fiction element was perfect. At the same time, Bill created a compelling situation and made me desperately care about his characters. These essential qualities are to be found in his longer works as well.” 
—Sheila Williams, Editor of Asimov’s Science Fiction

I love it when I finish a sci-fi read and feel sated, and William Ledbetter (Level Five, Level Six) is becoming one of my favourite SF authors. I didn’t completely love every single story in this collection, but there are soooo many good ones here. And he writes the only kind of sci-fi that matters—that is, hard SF (:  —Shona reads

I can’t even begin to pick a favorite story. Every time I thought I found the best story, I would just read the next. Then I would cycle around. Was the sentient sweater the best? Was the raiders on the farm? What about the armadillo? Clearly those are not the titles of the stories, but once you read them, you will know exactly the story and why I liked it so much. I will be reading more Ledbetter as soon as I can track down his other works.  —Isaiah Roby